The Power of Believing


Do you believe in yourself or in your goals? I posit to you this question; if you don’t believe in yourself, then who will? We must constantly remind ourselves that we are not crazy and that our goals are not far-fetched. It is only after we believe in ourselves and our goals so much that we can feel it and things begin to happen. The repetition of our affirmations further leads to that belief. And once that belief is manifested, things begin to change.

Let me explain.

Let’s say, you want to be a professional football player, one of those guys in the professional  leagues. If you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t get there. Why? Because if you don’t believe, you won’t take yourself or your goal seriously and you won’t make it a priority.

Some people may think of this example as unrealistic. That if it were to happen, it would merely be the person’s luck or a miracle. But if it were a miracle, how did those football players get where they are today?

Well, the difference is their belief system. They believe so strongly in what they can be that in their mind, it is reality. For you to achieve anything in life, you must believe it is real before it can happen because if you can’t see it in your mind and feel it with all your heart, there isn’t a chance it will happen to you. It will just stay as a wish to you.

Believing in what you do is like planting a seed in your mind. When you constantly remind yourself that this is your reality, you are repeating your goals. That’s like watering the seed you planted and adding fertilizer to it. Some people get this part right but they give up half way, their belief runs out. They might stop believing because they see no proof that their goal is becoming a reality. What they may fail to realize is, like a seed, your goals that you ‘plant’ in your mind may take time to materialize (manifest). The key is to just keep on believing even when nothing seems to be happening. Especially when things don’t go according to plan.

I guess this is what separates the winners and the losers in life. These successful individuals believe so much in their goal (they keep watering the ‘seed’ that they have planted in their mind) and keep repeating their goals, that the seed in their mind is so well nurtured, it has no choice but to grow! No choice but to become a reality!

Our belief weakens when we see nothing moving, that’s when all the doubts kick it. It’s like weeds in the beautiful garden in our minds. But like weeds, all we have to do is pull out our doubts and keep repeating our goals and make them seem as real to us as possible. We just need to keep watering our seeds.

Then, and only then, can our seeds grow into huge trees. Then our dreams become a reality! J

So, my lovelies,  I leave you with one last question:

So do you believe?

Be Well my lovelies,


Oms and Kisses


5 thoughts on “The Power of Believing

  1. Joe Hurylovich

    Nicely written Denise. I have overcome many challenges in my own life because I looked deep inside myself and found my inner core strength. It sometimes takes a while to realize things but once you get going it feels magnificent! Keep up the good work.

  2. Pat Hutchins

    Denise I loved your idea of ridding doubts as if they are weeds. In these days of instant gratification, it’s important to remember that our goals need to be nurtured, for nothing beautiful grows overnight. I found your thoughts very helpful and comforting. Thank you.

  3. Denise Dubron

    Thank you, Patti!
    It’s all in how we perceive the world…positive thoughts equals a positive life!!!


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