The Story Behind Complaining and The Bright Side!

Complaints, complainer, complaining, complained. Now, if you’re wondering why I’ve written the word ‘complain’ so many times in different ways… it’s because I am trying to prove a point. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Oh no! She’s going to start complaining about people who complain! Exit, stage right! Abort!”

Well, don’t worry. I’m not here to nag you about how complaining is wrong and how it’s ‘not nice’ and annoying because sadly, most of us do complain, whether it’s for the good or bad, it doesn’t matter.

There are some who are told never to complain. When one tries not to do something, they are actually suppressing the need to say how they feel which isn’t exactly a good thing. A thought that isn’t said out loud is kind of like a seed being planted in the dark. It would eventually grow into a tree which bears fruits. In the case of suppressing thoughts and opinions, you would one day find that the thoughts you have once kept in the dark will start exploding inside of you. However, if you bring a seed into the light, it has the ability to grow and thus you will eventually learn to manage the thoughts you once suppressed.

Complaints actually can help individuals improve. So, in reality, you aren’t really complaining. You’re actually giving feedback to someone in hopes that they can improve themselves and you wouldn’t want to actually find any faults in them. Instead, you genuinely want to help them find ways to make themselves better!

The difference is we complain about something because we are finding faults in it. When we are finding fault in people and in the situations that they come across, we are basically just finding fault in ourselves. Ever heard the expression, ‘The world is just a reflection of you’? Well, believe it or not, it’s actually true!

You see, whenever you think, say or do something, you send out powerful vibrations that attract to you the environment around you. (The Law of Attraction, Abraham and Esther Hicks). Anything that happens around you is because of you!

So when you are complaining about something, do remember that you are the one that put yourself into that mess in the first place. Without your thoughts, words and actions, the annoying situation in front of you would not be able to take place!

The annoying friend you have? That’s because of you!

That superior, parent or sibling that keeps nagging at you? That’s because of you too! It’s because of your thoughts!

So, how do you stop this?

First things first.

Try to consciously take effort not to complain about the things that go wrong. Instead, try countering it by counting your blessings and feeling grateful for the things that went right in your day.

Slowly, as you regain conscious control of your thoughts, you will find that you are more likely to see the brighter side of things whenever situations occur in which you would usually feel the need to complain about.
Start slowly…but just don’t forget to start.

So, Good Luck! And I’ll see you on the brighter side!!

Be Well my Lovelies,


Oms and Kisses


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