Art of Living Tips on Friendship

Friendship is one of the many pivotal relationships our lives circle around. Friends form an important part of our daily lives, and influence us to extents much beyond our common perception. Though friendship sounds so Universal, some of us do find the concept to be pretty alien. The reason could be anything – incompatibility, withdrawn attitude, doubts, insecurity, you get the picture.

Below are few tips or ideas with reference to key areas we tend to overlook in friendships. These are by no means rules, but rather simply ‘art of living tips’ on friendships.

  • Be your own friend
    Yes, you must be your own best pal. This is the first and most important step. If you mess this one up, then you screw the whole process! You have to love yourself and treat yourself the way you want others to treat you! Adore and appreciate yourself for all of the possible amazing things you can think about yourself.


  • In friendship, what matters most is not what you get, but what you give
    Don’t get caught up focusing on what your friends do and don’t do for you. Pay attention to what you give to the relationship. All you have to do is… your part and do it well. Your duty is YOU and not your friends’.


  • Loving selflessly and generously NEVER hurts
    Don’t be afraid to give love. Many people have a tough time with their friendships because they are intimidated by the very thought of loving generously. The reason why love so intimidating is because of the possible chance of love not being reciprocated.

Just to be clear:

Love is not a limited source! You have enough love to give for every living soul! Love is infinite! So give your love with no fear. It’s not going to cost you anything and it comes with tons of personal benefits.So go for it. Love…Reciprocation is not everything. As I mentioned earlier, you do your part, and, the rest… leave it to your friend, it’s not your problem.

  • The nice things your friends have done for you weighs much more than their actions that hurt you
    Let’s face it, we all make mistakes and disappoint the people we love. So when your friend does something wrong or hurts you by any means, don’t cling to it. Let it go. Instead, hold on to the good stuff… forever!

Final words of wisdom
Being selfless, doesn’t mean letting people exploit your kindness. However, it is important to watch your back. So, look ahead and Lavish love, don’t squander it.

Warm hugs,

Be well my lovelies,


Oms and kisses




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